Photos, Information and Video: Heffner Performance Ferrari 458 Italia Twin-Turbo

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If you have a whole lot of money to spend on a twin turbo Italian exotic supercar, but Robert Himler’s twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t so much to your liking, Heffner Performance wants to make sure you know that you have another option out there. Cue in the Heffner Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo.×433.jpg



This comes right on the heels of Underground Racing revealing its own twin turbo take on the 458 Italia. However, that’s where things change. While the Underground Racing 458 Italia throws down 700 horsepower, the Heffner variant takes it one step further with a whopping 820 horsepower. And this horsepower figure comes from pump gas, too, so expect even more power with higher-dollar fuel. Heffner reports that this is just their base twin turbo package, too – more powerful variants are in the works already. Heffner says that even with the extra power added by the twin turbos, the Heffner 458 Italia will still remain driveable and reliable for road use.


The standard Ferrari 458 Italia is powered by a direct injected 4.5 liter V8, the first direct-injection motor in Ferrari’s history, which puts down around 570 horsepower naturally aspirated. All of that power goes to the ground with a 7-speed transmission by Getrag, and Heffner has decided to keep that same transmisson for its twin turbo 458 Italia. Once the more powerful tuning packages come about, through, my money’s on a few new transmission modifications popping up as well, but for now, the stock transmission does the job just fine.
There are no details about the pricing yet, but as the old saying goes – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Don’t expect it to come cheap at all, but expect it to be worth every penny that you’ll pay. A twin turbo V8 Ferrari – kind of like a modern day Ferrari F40, only crazier.



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