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Piano Tiles 2 – How to unlock every song in the game

Piano Tiles 2 is the evolution of the “Don’t Step The White Tile” concept that turns the idea of this game into a music game. You have a nearly unlimited variety of songs in this game, each of which can be unlocked in its own way. Read on for some tips and tricks to unlock every single song in Piano Tiles 2!

Most of the songs in this game can be unlocked by gaining various experience levels. Go to the “music” submenu and you’ll see every single song in the game, both those that are locked and those that are unlocked. Scroll down and see which experience levels you will need to unlock which songs.

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The quickest way to earn experience points is to play a song that you have not played before. Play it and beat it – the act of beating it for the first time is what will earn you the most experience points. Otherwise, you can go back to old songs and play them for extra experience grinding. Generally, the songs that are the easiest are the best ones to play for experience grinding, as you can play endless mode for a much longer time on those songs, and the farther into endless mode that you go, the more experience points you get as a bonus.

Go to the “Home” submenu to see all of the current event songs and holiday songs, and to see all of the songs that can be unlocked by spending coins or spending diamonds. Here, you can also get to a button that allows you to earn free diamonds in exchange for watching vidoes. Tap and watch until you run out, then wait awhile and you get more videos. Plus, you can get 10 free diamonds for logging on via Facebook.

To earn more coins, do the same thing as you would to earn more experience, and play levels that you haven’t beaten before. When you beat the initial part of a level, you’ll then have the freeplay section where you can tap a ton of tiles at once for free coins. When you get to endless mode, coin tiles will appear as well. Play challenge levels for a lot more coins.

If you have a lot of diamonds, you can use you diamonds to purchase coins. 1 diamond will buy you 100 coins, while 10 diamonds buy you 1,100 coins and 100 diamonds will buy you 12,999 diamonds, which is the best deal in the game. You’ll need one of these 100 diamond purchases (or a TON of gameplay) if you eventually want to unlock the most expensive song in the game, which is Flight of the Bumblebee.