Piano Tiles – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Page 2

5: Practice as frequently as possible.
Heed the previous advice to take breaks frequently, but the more you practice at this, the more you will build your “mental muscle” and the faster you will tap without even trying.

4: Look past the unrealistic scores in Game Center to find the actual high scores on this Piano Tiles.
Most of the top scores for Piano Tiles will be hacked scores, and they will be extremely obvious. Usually it will be people whose scores are somewhere over 200 million, or on Rush mode, they will be shown as speeds of 212,000 tiles per second. Keep scrolling past to find the actual high scores. On the older game modes, it will take longer to find them than on Relay and Rush.

3: Want to hack the game yourself? Use iExplorer, File Explorer or another similar file.
Using one of these files (some of which are free and some of which cost money), you’ll be able to hack Piano Tiles without jailbreaking it. Explore around and find the code for the game, and your high scores for each of the games will be programmed in there somewhere. The scores will automatically cut off at a certain level, which is why all of the hackers in the top of the scoreboard will have the same scores.

2: You can turn the ads off for free.
Normally you have to pay to turn the ads off in Piano Tiles, but you can turn them off for free, at least til this trick is killed by a future update. Turn on Airplane Mode on your phone, or turn off the data and the wifi, and the ads will stop showing up, because they require an internet connection in order to appear. This is not recommended, though, since the ads are the developer’s way of making money and thus producing more games.

1: Have fun with it!
Don’t go too crazy over this game, despite how frustrating and difficult it is. Games are supposed to be fun. Enjoy playing it, because the more you enjoy the more you’ll want to play it, the less frustrated you will become, and the higher your scores will end up being.

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