Pilot Royale: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Pilot Royale is a new and unique Ketchapp game for the iOS and Android platforms where you and other players fly planes through various levels, firing rockets at each other and competing to see who can be the last one standing (or flying). Your goal is to finish the level in first place, surviving where others don’t.

You can earn coins, upgrade your plane to give yourself an advantage, gain experience points, complete all kinds of missions, and more. You can spin for bonuses, shop for new planes and rockets, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Pilot Royale!

In the stages themselves, you track other players, and when you lock onto them, the rockets fire themselves. Early on, this is easy, but as the number of players on the screen drops, you’ll have a harder time finding players to blow up.

When you’re wanting cash, a good way to make more cash (besides shooting down other planes) is to fly through the rings all around the level. Each ring that you fly through earns you another $300 as a bonus.

You have four main performance upgrades that you can buy. Speed increases the maximum speed at which you can fly. Respawn speed decreases the amount of time that it takes you to respawn after you get blown up.

Rocket frequency increases your firing rate, so that you can blow up other players faster. Defense increases the amount of rocket hits that you can take before your run is done.

You can also buy new planes and new rockets in the shop. Despite being the most expensive upgrades, these are all purely cosmetic. The plane upgrades change the skin on your plane, while the rocket upgrades change the look of your rockets.

The quickest way to earn coins is within the shop tab itself, which is where you also find the planes and rockets. Watch an ad video in the shop and you’ll earn 5,000 coins instantly. The same coins can be used to purchase the performance upgrades. You can watch as many videos as you want to, so use these to load up on the performance upgrades.

The missions tab contains a bunch of timed quests, which turn over either daily, weekly, or monthly. You can earn a ton of coins, experience, and LP by competing these, or you can skip them by watching ad videos. Be sure to complete them within the given amount of time though, or you’ll have to start all over again when they turn over.

Take the free spins often, as well. You can get totally free spins at specific experience levels, or you can watch ad videos to get them whenever you want. You can win coins, experience points, LP, and other bonuses with the free spins.

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