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Pinball Breaker Forever – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pinball Breaker Forever is a new game for the iOS platform that’s a cross between Breakout and pinball. It’s an endless game in which you go through level after level breaking blocks and racking up as high of a score as you possibly can, collecting coins in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pinball Breaker Forever!

Your ultimate goal is to keep the ball from falling down past the paddles, although if it does fall down, then it’s not the end of the world compared to other pinball games. If the ball falls, then the current blocks on the screen will drop down a few spaces. If the blocks fall and hit the paddles, then your run is done.

After every run, you’ll earn coins, which can then be used to purchase power-ups, skill shots and cosmetic upgrades for your paddles. Power-ups are the most important purchases, as they give you bonus blocks to hit. The radial blast blows up surrounding blocks. Line explosion blasts out a line of blocks. Freeze time will stop the time for a few seconds. Unstoppable ball will make it so that your ball keeps going through blocks without bouncing for a few seconds. Wall will block the area below the paddles for awhile. Multiball will put extra balls into play when you hit it.

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Skill shots are the ones that you want to purchase in order to earn the highest score possible. These will place targets all around the board which, if you hit them, will either trigger point bonuses, or trigger effects to knock out more blocks, such as lasers.

The board changes shape every time that you reach a new level, so use the environmental elements to your advantage. Sometimes, holes will open up and if the ball goes through them, it comes out the other side. Sometimes, the shape of the board itself is all that changes.

Getting free coins is extremely easy. Go to the store and hit the “More Coins” button at the top of the menu. Your third option will be to watch a video for 50 free coins. Watch one, then shut down the game, open it back up, die, go back to the store and do the same thing. Watch as many videos as you want until they run out, then go and buy all of the upgrades that you can. If videos run out, they should return within 5 to 15 minutes as long as you have an internet connection.