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Pineapple Pen – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pineapple Pen is a new endless game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platform. The premise of this game is to throw pens at fruits – mainly apples and pineapples. They’ll be moving back and forth at different speeds, so you have to time the throw correctly in order to hit the fruit, and you can use coins to purchase new pens as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pineapple Pen!

Every eight hours or so, you’ll be able to throw a ton of pens at the giant pineapple as a bonus method of earning coins. This will earn you hundreds of coins at a time, so be sure to take the bonus as soon as you unlock it. The sooner you take the bonus, the sooner that the countdown to the next one begins.

A video offer will pop up offering you 15 free coins for watching an ad after every sixth loss or so. So if you want to earn coins as quickly as possible, simply lose right away whenever you begin a level. That way, the video ads come up sooner and more frequently. Your score has no relevance to how often the video offers pop up.

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Some of the fruits are worth one point, and some are worth two points, but when there are two fruits at a time on the screen, they are worth four points when you hit them. Even better is that the dual-fruits are the easiest ones to hit. If your pen misses the nearest fruit, it can still hit the second fruit and earn points for you.

Every time you earn 200 coins you can unlock a new pen in the shop. All of the pens will play the same way, and are thrown at the same speed. All that this does is change the appearance of the pen. If you purchase all of them, then wait until the update to the game for more pens to be added.

Sometimes some slowdown will become evident in the game. If this happens, the fruit will move a bit slower, but when you toss the pen it will move at the same speed. Time the tosses of your pens accordingly in order to maximize the score, or shut the game off and then open it back up again in order to make the slowdown go away.