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Pink Pong – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pink Pong is a new endless Pong type of game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to score as many point as you can by tapping to move the paddles. You have pink paddles and blue paddles, and the ball changes color randomly on you, and due to how close together they are, it can get very difficult to keep up and earn a high score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pink Pong!

The ball-paddles are very close to the center of the screen; so close to it, in fact, that it can be very hard to react after you see what the ball does. An easy way to think of it is this, though: If the ball changes colors after it hits the paddle, don’t tap the screen. If the ball stays the same color, then tap the screen.

The ads in this game can be very intrusive and annoying, as the video auto plays every five plays or so. If you want to get the videos to quit playing, play the game in airplane mode for awhile. Then whenever you want to have all of your old phone functionality back, turn off airplane mode and play it again. Or wait until they update the game with a feature that lets you purchase an ad-free mode.

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Be sure to tap as soon as possible after you see that the ball didn’t change color. The margin of error is very low in this game, and if you tap too late, then the ball will go through the paddle across the way, even if it appears to have moved over in time.

This game can be quite frustrating if you don’t take breaks after awhile, and the break offered by the ads isn’t long enough to make your frustration go away; in fact, it can add to it. Take a break every half an hour to fifteen minutes or so, and then come back to the game after calming down and you will find it much easier.

Check the leaderboard via Google Play or Game Center to see where your score compares to others who are playing the game. Right now there are no hacked scores on the top score list, but after awhile there’s sure to be a few, especially if Shaky Bird figures out to hack this game too. Once they start, scroll past all of the 99999-ish scores to ones that look difficult, yet realistic.