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PinOut! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

PinOut is a new pinball game for the iOS and Android platforms by Mediocre AB. This is the first endless pinball game for the iOS and Android platforms, and your goal in this game is to get as far as you can, and earn as high of a score as you can before the time runs out. Read on for some tips and tricks for PinOut!

You can continue from checkpoints in this game, but not if you are playing the free version of the game. All that you have to do is purchase the premium option and you will be able to continue from checkpoints. You can scroll between checkpoints by swiping up and down in the main menu in order to see where you can continue from if you are premium, or where you would be able to continue from if you went premium.

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Collect as many of the time dots as you can when you are playing, even if you have to go through a circular loop in order to earn them. The time dots add more time to the timer, allowing you to go farther and farther in the level before you run out of time. Making it to the next checkpoint quicker and collecting more time dots will give you more time as you cross the checkpoint, giving you more of an advantage if you restart from the checkpoint later.

You can’t actually fall off of the level in this game, unlike in pretty much every other pinball game in existence. You can fall down to the previous level that you were at before, but you will never get knocked off of the level. If you fall to the bottom of the level and then fall down into where your ball game out of originally, it will just get bounced back up.

Hold the flipper up when a ball is above it to catch the ball and stop it. From there, you will be able to exercise much more control over where you hit the ball because it will roll more slowly down the flipper than it would have otherwise done. Plus typically you will hit the ball harder from a stop than you will from a roll, too.

If you are experiencing slowdown in the game, go to the options menu and the option will be there to drop the graphical quality. This option is useful for older devices or devices that can’t do so well with games. The lower the graphical quality is, the higher the frame rate and the less slowdown there will be.