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Pixel Car Racer – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Doing a burnout properly is one of the toughest things to do in the advanced mode. To do a burnout properly, first, shift into reverse and back up a little. Then, hold the clutch and rev to redline. Dump the clutch and immediately hold the brake, and don’t let up on the gas pedal the entire time until your tires are nice and hot. The more power that your car has, the easier it is to do a proper burnout with.

In the dealership, cars are ranked by speed, power, grip and weight. The power ranking is the only one that might be a little bit confusing since it seemingly overlaps with speed, but what it actually refers to is how much momentum your car has when it’s hit by another car or when you hit another car. So when you hit a lower powered car with a higher powered car, it will fly farther forward and you will lose less speed, for example.

Use your stat points as soon as you earn them because they provide large boosts to the experience or the cash that you earn per race. Boost your experience points first to provide quick experience levels early on, so that you can have more cash boosts in the long run.

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Engine swaps might seem a bit useless, and they are if you don’t have the right type of car for them. Swaps work best if you have a super light car, such as a Smart Fortwo or an old-school Mini Cooper, because these cars come stock with double-digit horsepower engines, so if you swap them out for something else, that’s an instant gigantic power-to-weight boost.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of nitrous, or NOS. Even if you just have a 50-shot, once you get to the 1,000 horsepower level, you’re going to get beaten frequently if you are racing without nitrous. Vary the use depending on which kind of race you are running. If you are in a street race, NOS regenerates after you use it. If you are in a drag race, it does not regenerate until the end of the race.

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