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Pixel Craft: Space Shooter – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pixel Craft is a new retro-style space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is reminiscent of the kind of pixel-art shooters that were popular on early 90s computers. You can progress through level after level, upgrade your ships and weapons, and collect a massive amount of power-ups to go as far as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pixel Craft!

There’s almost always a massive amount of shots being fired from both sides in this game. The surest way to survive for the longest possible amount of time is to ignore the shots that you fire, focus on the shots fired by the enemy, and put all of your focus on avoiding them. Your shots are automatic so they will naturally hit their targets. Even fly past the coins if you need to in order to avoid getting hit.

After each round that you play, you will be able to double your coins. Once every few hours you will also be able to get a super card, which gives you some kind of boost. You can boost that super card with a video ad. You can also skip the cooldown time for a super card with a video ad, which allows you to get another super card without even having to play another round.

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Go to the upgrade menu and you can buy new ships, which above specific boosts, or you can upgrade your weapons. Your machine gun is your main weapon and is arguably your most important upgrade, but don’t neglect your power-up upgrades too, as these are important especially for boss times. The thing to look for the most in ship upgrades is heart boosts, because they give you more hit points.

Once you die you can restart once either by watching a video or by paying 500 coins. Never pay coins if you don’t have to. Always watch the video if you want to restart from where you left off. The coins can be better spent on new weapon upgrades and new ships.

Hit the settings if you want to modify the sensitivity of the controls to make it easier to control your ship. If you want the ship to directly follow your finger, then set the controls to 1x. If you want to move your ship faster with less finger movement, than you can set the controls to 2x. They can also be set anywhere in between the two.