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Pixel Starships – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pixel Starships is a new spaceship management simulator for the iOS and Android platforms by Savy Soda. Your goal here is to build and manage a crew and a ship, choosing the right rooms and the right people to fill each room, and going out on all kinds of exploration and battle missions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pixel Starships!

To fire shots in battle, first you have to choose which manned weapon room or rooms you want to use, and move people to the room if you have to. Then tap the weapon at the bottom of the screen and drag upward to give it power. Then scroll to the enemy ship and drag the target from the bottom of the screen to the room that you want to destroy. Reactors are very important to destroy as they give power to the weapons of the opposing ship.

Of course, if your enemy has a shield that’s operative, destroy the shield room to allow me damage to be done by your weapons. Also, put more power to the engine rooms and your ship will more deftly avoid shots fired by the enemy ships. More power to a single weapon drops the reload time and increases the power of the weapon, but spreading the power evenly between weapons allows for more shots to be fired and more rooms to be targeted.

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When a room gets damaged in battle and no longer works, send a crew member there and they will automatically repair it. Once it’s repaired, send the crew member back to the weapons system that they were at before. Repeat this as needed until the battle is over.

Storage is most important to upgrade because you’ll need more and more minerals (and gas later on) to upgrade stuff. Upgrade your mineral storage as early as possible using Starbux (the premium currency of the game), since you won’t yet have any of the gas that is required to do the upgrades. Attack rocks, other ships, etc, and defeat them to load up on the good stuff so that you can do the upgrades.

When you’re stuck in the single player mode on a tough mission and going to the side missions is either not doable, or they’re too hard as well, go to the PvP mode and fight everyone who is marked as either ‘lower’ or ‘even’ to gain experience and pick up some prizes and resources. Use those for as many upgrades as you need to, and as many new crew members as you can purchase, or even a new ship if you need one that badly, then go into the battle that you are stuck on and finish it.