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Planet Farm – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Planet Farm is a new farming game for the iOS platform. You get a planet to run all by yourself as well as a good helping of geniuses to help you run your planet. Your goal is to grow what you need, research all sorts of recipes, then make the various types of food that you research and sell them, then use the proceeds to do all kinds of other research, get more geniuses and whatnot. Read on for some tips and tricks for Planet Farm!

Your geniuses will run out of energy fairly quickly, and then it takes HOURS for them to get their energy back. Use the time cheat to cut some of that time off. It won’t cut off the exact amount of time that you set the time ahead by, it will cut much less than that off the timer, but any little bit helps especially when you have geniuses that are close to getting a full energy restoration.

Timestones are the premium currency of the game. The best way to earn more timestones is to complete the quests, both the standard quests and the branch quests. As you complete quests off of these lists, you will unlock more and more of them, so you can keep earning rewards almost endlessly until quests run out. Then as the game is updated, more quests will be added.

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Look at your daily plan too. The plan shows a lot of different tasks that you can complete in order to earn more rewards, such as honor points. Honor points are just as useful as timestones, and if you don’t know what to do next, the plan is a great place to start finding out things to do.

Be sure to tap the spaceship that’s floating around your planet. When you do, you can play a minigame, a match-three game, that can earn you rewards as well. Match four in a row to earn a special piece that explodes like a bomb. Match five in a row to earn a special piece that knocks off all pieces of the same color that you mix it with. Match five in an L-shape or a t-shape to earn a special piece that clears out an entire line worth of tiles.

Use your timestones wisely. Never use them to restore energy to one of your geniuses. Instead, plan for the future and use them to buy more geniuses. The more geniuses that you have, the more that you can do. All that you have to do is switch them out in the various bakery tasks. Once they are all out of energy, focus on the farming instead so that you can load up on ingredients.