Plants Vs Zombies Adventures (Facebook) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130609

Plants Vs Zombies Adventures is a new game in the Plants Vs Zombies series – more specifically, it’s the long awaited Facebook version of the game. It’s not a clone of the original – isntead, it’s a whole new game using the social aspect of the Facebook platform and combining the city building that’s so popular on Facebook with the tower defense aspect of the original. It’s still a tough one, though, so read on for some tips and tricks for Plants Vs Zombies Adventures!

Zombies follow the path that you set, so use some strategy in your town to drag out the battle. Delete the current path and replace it with a longer, more winding path in order to drag out battles and to keep zombies away from your house. Load up your yard with plants early on so that you can easily defend against any zombie invasions that happen, without having to worry about dropping new plants each time.

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The road trips are where it tends to get tough. First and foremost, put the Sunflowers, or any other plant which earns you Suns, as far away from the gravestones as possible, so that you can rely on them constantly earning you Suns without having to spend Suns on reviving them all the time. Place the long range plants, such as the Aspearagus, far away from the gravestones as well, because they don’t need to be close by in order to do damage, but they tend to be easy for zombies to kill, because their defenses suck.

Next, put the Peashooters and other short range zombies with higher attack power in front of the Aspearagus, closer to the gravestones, and in between the paths that the zombies will take to try to get to your RV. Up at the very front, put the plants which take a whole lot of damage, such as the Wall-Nuts, and use them to absorb hits while becoming easy targets for your other plants. Revive them as needed using the suns that the Sunflowers earn you.

Try to always keep exploding plants around, because they are a good backup to have just in case you get overwhelmed with zombies. If you have enough Wall-Nuts around, though, you’ll have so many targets for your plants to hit that you shouldn’t end up needing them until later on in the game, well after you pass the Boonies.