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Play-Doh Jam – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Play-Doh Jam is a roll-and-shoot game for the iOS and Android game made in what looks like stop-motion Claymation (but is actually CG). Your goal is to roll down the hill, smash into as many monsters as you can in order to grow bigger, then launch off the end to send the monster flying as far as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to win at Play-Doh Jam!

Draw lines in the hill to roll your ball from side to side. You can even roll backwards if you are quick with the fingers. There is a play-doh lava wave that advances behind you, but it’s rather slow, and it’s very easy to avoid getting hit by it. You can even dart in and out of the tip of it and it will do nothing to you. You will just turn red.

If you wanna get some free Play-Doh, aside from what you earn in the levels themselves, then your best bet is to go and watch the videos in the in app purchase store. For each one that you watch you will earn 100 Play-Doh, and you can keep watching them infinitely as long as you have an internet connection. If you run out of videos, then come back in 15-30 minutes and more videos will be there.

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Keep upgrading the hills and making new monsters. The monsters that are bigger and cost more to unlock are the ones who will give you more play-doh when you hit them, and will also allow you to grow bigger. Consequently, when you earn more play-doh you will be able to unlock even more monsters, so it’s a cycle that keeps itself going.

Launching the monster a greater distance is a function of two things: how much play-doh you collect and how hard you hit him. Once you get to the tip of the stage, start swiping forward over and over in order to speed up your ball of play-doh. The bigger and faster that you are, the farther you’ll send the monster flying.

Get enough meters and you will unlock a power play. A power play will turn you into a gigantic ball of play-doh, making it far easier to smash a whole hell of a lot of monsters at a time. Best to save them up until right after you unlock the last monster on a specific hill, but before you upgrade to the next hill.