Plinko Master – Be a Winner: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

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Plinko Master – Be a Winner is the latest and most popular game for iOS and Android that promises to offer you the chance to win real-life money. You can earn gold coins and green coins (the green ones represent cash), and the promise is that you can cash out once you hit $100, and make that money in real-life.

However, there are many players wondering if the app is a scam or if it’s legit, and if there have been any real-life winners. We’re going to take a look into that.

First, the method of play is important to note. You play Plinko Master by dropping balls down a plinko board to hit the green coins and gold coins. You can collect whatever it is that you hit. If you hit a gray rock, it’s worth nothing.

You can then drop the ball into the buckets down below. The stationary buckets represent set prizes, and they change whenever you drop a ball down into them.

The moving bucket is the bucket that earns you a spin at the slot machine. If you spin three of the same icon in a row, you win a prize, whether it be gold coins, or green coins/cash.

You can also earn lucky fruit in the game. There are 25 total lucky fruit that you can earn, and these come from the slot machine. If you win all 25 of them, you win the biggest cash prize in the entire game.

Sometimes, notifications will flash across the screen saying that a player has one, so they are giving out $1.00 free to each player on the server. These tend to be few and far between, underscoring how hard it is to actually win the top prize.

At first, the money will pile up fairly quickly in the form of green coins. You might find yourself go from $0 to $30 pretty quickly, likely within your first day of downloading the game. Later on, though, this changes a bit.

Once you hit about the $80-90 mark, you’re going to see the green coins slow down a lot, if not outright disappear. Either way, the money earnings will slow down hard, if not outright stop. So it can seem like you are never going to hit the mark.

This is the scenario that’s been put out by countless players in the reviews on the App Store and Google Play. Go take a look, and you’ll find many players who have seen this exact scenario happen.

To find out why this is, go to the settings, and click on the terms of service. Under the section for Official Rules for Game Play, go to the Redeem section, and you will see where it says winners are randomly selected by the software of the game.

It will say that winner determination is made at the time of gameplay, instantly, using an algorithm embedded in the Sponsor’s software. So if you are not winning, likely you were not chosen by the software of the game.

However, there are still SOME winners; these are the ones who end up in the commercials. And when the notification that a player has found all the fruit and won the big prize flashes across the screen, that’s at least an indicator that someone is winning.

So is it a scam or legit? While the methodology of randomly selecting winners is a bit shady, it’s not an outright scam. And it is possible to reroll the algorithm that determines winners by deleting the game, disconnecting from Game Center or Google Play, then reinstalling it.

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3 thoughts on “Plinko Master – Be a Winner: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

  1. Lee Tipton

    Lucky plinko 1 and 2 is a joke not pay off

  2. Nikki

    SCAM! I’ve been stuck on $90 for a week! There’s no more opportunities to earn $ anymore! No more green $ balls all of a sudden! I’ve tried emailing twice if there is a system glitch lol… no reply!
    They never intend for you to reach $100 to pay you out. The game just stops paying once you get close to $100.
    Shame I was enjoying until now! They make promises they can’t deliver or won’t deliver.

    1. Lynn

      I took your advice and deleted Plinko Master when I went to reinstall it it is no longer in the App Store.


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