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Pluck It: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Pluck It is a new game by Feeling Game company where you pluck hairs and feel emotions. In 7 years of playing mobile games for a living, this one is by far the weirdest I’ve ever played, and that’s saying something. Each time you pluck a hair, you unlock a new emotion, and each new level comes with its own crazy new set of challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pluck It!

This game is tougher for those with big hands, such as your humble author. If you have large thumbs, you’re going to have a very tough time gripping the hair, so to compensate for this, use your pinky fingers to grip the hair. It might feel weird, but it will be WAAAAY easier to grip the hair with your pinky because you can slide your fingers much closer together on the screen.

Plucking a hair out involves using the same method almost every time. You touch two fingers down onto the screen (preferably pinkies, as stated above), slide them together, and slowly (but not too slowly) and steadily pull that hair out. Maintain the same speed the whole way down. Stack your fingers slightly on top of each other (more like diagonally) to maintain the best possible grip on the hair when you’re pulling it out.

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After you beat a level, you unlock a brand new emotion. Depending on your personally, this can at first seem completely ridiculous, really inspiring, or a little bit of both. In reality, though, the emotion is a hint. The emotion provides a bit of foreshadowing to the next challenge. When the challenge is fear, an illusion might play into the level. When the challenge is something positive (inspiration, etc), then expect some kind of easy level.

Hit that little “door” button at the top right corner of the level, and you’ll go back to the menu screen of the game. Tap on the button in the top right corner to access all of the levels. Tap on the second button from the right (the heart) to donate money to the developers, who rely entirely on donations as there are no ads or in-app purchase functionality in this game. Hit the button on the left to pick a new language for the game, and hit the second button from the left to share the game to social media.

The game is best experienced with the sound on, although it’s not required. Some levels require you to use the sound in order to find where the hair is, though, specifically the “listen” level, which appears as a blank white screen, and which requires you to use sonar in order to find the hair. Tap the hair to make a sound and “see” the hair. On this level, there is also no menu functionality, so to get back to the menu you have to close out of the game entirely.