PlunderNauts – Full list of forge recipes and combinations

PlunderNauts is Backflip’s smash-hit space pirate shooting game for the iOS and Android. One of the most addicting features of PlunderNauts is using the forge to see what you get. The way the forge works is that you place three items inside (materials, ships, gun turrets, whatever) and you’ll get a new item. So what do you get? Read the list of what you get from the forge in PlunderNauts using different materials!

A note. All of the “random” ones, such as random fighters or random gun turrets, will come out at the same experience level as your current player level, so if you are using under-leveled items on your ship (or an under-leveled ship, for that matter), any of them will be an instant upgrade.

Aetherfield Tank = 3 Aetherfields
Poltergas Tank = 3 Poltergasses
Spare Parts = Danantium Ore + Coppertainium + Thermalite
Big Spare Parts = 3 Spare Parts
Coppertainium, Danantium or Thermalite = 3 Battle Scraps

Refined Coppertainium = 3 Coppertainiums
Refined Danantium = 3 Danantiums
Refined Thermalite = 3 Thermalites
Comet Optics = 3 Comet Crystals
Quantum Soda Drum = 3 Quantum Sodas

Gravity Plasma Drum = 3 Gravity Plasma
Glittering Optics = 3 Glittering Clusters
Components = Glittering Cluster + Refined Coppertainium + Aetherfield
Random Turret = Sight Spores + Targeting Module + any material
Random Turret = 3 different types of turrets

Random Fighter/Bomber Squadron = Components + Spare Parts + Fighter Engine
Uncommon, Rare or Epic Fighter Squadron = 3 Fighter Squadrons
Uncommon, Rare or Epic Bomber Squadron = 3 Bomber Squadrons
Uncommon, Rare or Epic Turret (randomized) = 3 turrets of the same type (laser, missile etc)
Uncommon, Rare or Epic Shield Module = 3 Shield Modules

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