PlunderNauts – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, page 3

Certain stages in this game don’t have any enemy ships at all. These planets will only contain loot boxes, and gun robots, along with possibly other obstacles for you to avoid such as asteroids. If you want to figure out which planets are the loot planets, go to the main map screen, tap the planet, and then tap the info button to see what’s going on inside.

If you want to load up on gold and antimatter for free, do the following trick. When you get to a planet with just leave boxes, go there, collect all but one of the boxes, then either quit or let the gun turrets kill you. Repeat this over and over until you run yourself completely out of reactor energy.

Then do the time lapse cheat as stated in part one of this cheat guide. Then go back to the game with your refilled energy and running your energy out the same way again. Repeat this as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the amount of gold and antimatter you have earned. Then just beat the stage and move on.

An easy way to do large amounts of damage to an enemy ship is to spin around and very tight circles within a close enough range to shoot them. If you spin your ship fast, you will be able to activate multiple gun turrets at the same time by tapping tissues at the enemy because your gun sights will move very quickly. There is no cool down period between using one gun and using another gun.

Upgrading your starship requires you to have two total starships at minimum. You also need two specific materials. You need the starship plans and the big spare parts. Once you have both of these, go to the Forge and put your starship plus both of these items and. Upgrading your ship will cost a lot of gold but it will make your ship quite a bit more powerful.

When you are shopping for a new starship, pay attention to what they can be equipped with and on what part of the ship. For example, many ships will not have any ports for fighters to launch from. Some ships will only have three guns while some will have as many as sixguns, and one ship even has only one gun yet for different fighter ports. Speed and size are huge factors as well, because you want to maximize speed and have as small of a target as possible on you.

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