PlunderNauts: Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Tricks, Page 3

15: Experiment in the Forge.
You will find so many different types of material, let alone the stuff that you can buy, that you will end up with more material than you know what to do with. Try it out in the Forge. You never know what will be compatible with What, and if you find three pieces that are compatible together, then you could end up with a new rare piece of equipment.

14: Speed up the forge using the time lapse cheat.
You can make the Forge finish instantly just like you can restore your energy in the reactor. However long it takes to finish your current project in the forms, set the time on your device I had to buy that much, and then go back to the game and the equipment will be ready to pick up and install on your aircraft.

13: Buy a new spacecraft based on what qualities you want.
Pay very close attention to what you can install on a spacecraft before you purchase it. Some of them will allow you to install six different gun turrets. Others will allow you to install three or four different fighter squadrons. Still others will allow you to load up with tech mods. Whatever your playing style is, that should determine which aircraft you purchase.

12: Upgrade your aircraft in the Forge.
You have to have at least two spacecraft in order to do this. Put your main spacecraft in one of the slots, put the starship plans and the second slot, and put the big spare parts in the third slot. Doing this will upgrade the level on your aircraft, but you will still keep the same aircraft that you had to begin with. Your Hit points, in particular, will increase significantly.

11: Craft new spacecraft in the Forge.
This, in particular, requires you to have at least four spacecraft. Take three different spacecraft that you don’t want anymore, put all three of them in the Forge, and craft. This takes a massive amounts of gold to do, but doing this will give you a branded new spacecraft which will be far better than the three that you put into the Forge.

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