PlunderNauts: Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Tricks, Page 4

10: Equip tech mods which give you shields and restore hit points.
These make it far easier to employ the hit and run strategy, because these have their own specific cooldown times, and the longer you wait around, the more you get to use them. These old modifications will allow you to take shots without taking damage, and hit point restoration modifications will allow you to heal during battle.

9: Equip lasers for the maximum range possible.
Your weapons’ range is just as important as the amount of damage that they do per second. In order to maximize your range, equipped lasers, because they have about double the range that every other type of weapon has. They will allow you to stay at a distance and attack without getting hit anywhere near as often.

8: Never forget to collect loot from the planets that you have taken over.
Always go back and collect the gold that your planets earn for you, because it’s gold that you get for essentially doing nothing. Each planet can only earn a certain amount of gold before you have to collect from it, so go and collect before they max out and stop earning you gold.

7: Take back planets that you get taken back from you.
Even after you take over a planet, there is no guarantee that it will stay safe indefinitely. Usually, at some point, they will be taken back by the pirates that you defeated previously, so you have to go and defeat the enemy all over again in order to take the planet back.

6: Wait until the multiplayer mode becomes available.
Right now, the multiplayer mode is not available because the developers have not placed it inside of the game yet. However, eventually it will become available, and most likely, it will be the mode that you earn the best prices from. Use the same battle strategies that you do against the computer opponents. When as many multiplayer rounds as possible for the best prizes.

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