PlunderNauts: Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Tricks

PlunderNauts is a wildly popular new space pirate adventure game by backflip Studios for iOS and Android. This game starts off easy, but it’s not long at all before it gets really dicey trying to destroy enemy ships and take over multiple galaxies. Read on for the top 25 tips, tricks, and cheats for PlunderNauts!

25: Employ a hit and run strategy when battling other spaceships.
Don’t try to finish a battle as quickly as possible. You’re going to take a lot of damage if you do, and the best way to minimize the damage is to use a hit and run strategy. Get the enemy in range and fire as many shots as you can, then fly away while the enemy is trying to target you. Make yourself as hard to hit as possible.

24: Sweep from side to side and hit the enemy with everything you’ve got.
When you have the enemy in your sites, sweep in a half circle shape so that your ship flies sideways while facing the enemy. Doing this will allow you to target the rival spaceship with every single one of your gun turrets. Combine this with the previous hit and run tip for maximum effectiveness.

23: Use the surrounding terrain to your advantage.
Different stages will have obstacles such as fortifications and astroids that you have to contend with. Turn an obstacle into an advantage by hiding behind them when you can. Chase enemy ships as they try to avoid you, because all of these obstacles make it harder for them to target you, allowing you to be more aggressive in battle.

22: Use the time lapse cheat to regain your reactor energy right away for free.
Whenever your reactor runs out of energy, set the time I head on your phone or tablet, and then go back to the game. If you set the time ahead enough, you will have a full energy restoration. You can do this trick as many times as you want to for free.

21: As you gain experience levels, use the Forge to upgrade your equipment in turn.
Your Ford’s will automatically create equipment that is the same level as your current player level. If you have equipment that is at two low of a level to progress further, stick three of your old pieces of equipment into the Forge, and new equipment at your experience level will pop out.

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