Pocket Knights: How to evolve and fortify your heroes and your gear

Pocket Knights is a card battling game, and like many other games of this type, you can not only collect cards, but evolve them in order to make them more powerful. Fortifying your cards will make them more powerful as well, and will prepare them for their eventual evolution. Without fortified and evolved cards, you stand no chance in the arena or against bosses in the elite dungeons. Read on for a guide on how to evolve and fortify your cards!

Fortifying your hero cards is fairly basic. Tap on the Fortify button, then choose one of your heroes as the main card. Then tap “Select materials” and pick any card that you don’t want anymore, because any card that you use as a material card will then disappear.

Next, you will see how much gold you will be charged to go through with the fortification. If you have this much gold, then tap on the “fortify” button and the fortification will happen. Your hero will gain experience points based on how many cards, how rare the material cards are, and their experience levels.

At level 60, you will unlock advanced functions in the fortify tab. This will allow you to use special items, such as the Hero Stone, in order to fortify your heroes even further. Fortifying your gear is done in much the same way as your heroes, where you pick a main card, take multiple material cards, and then spend the gold in order to go through with it.

Evolving your card this is far more tricky than fortifying your cards. First, tap on the “cards” menu, then tap on either evolve hero or evolve gear. You will not be able to revolve your gear until level 70; however, it is done much the same way as evolving your hero.

First, you will have to pick a card that you want to evolve, and it will have to be an assigned card. That means that you will not to be able to just pick any old card. You can only evolve cards which have three or more stars. Then, you have to ensure that the card that you want to evolve meets the requirements. You can get the Energy Stones and Dungeon Crystals through quests, and you can combine energy stones and dungeon crystals together in the warehouse to make them more powerful so that they can be used for evolution.

Finally you will have some other material card, a certain amount of gold that you will be required to spend, and your card will have to be at a certain experience level. Fortify your card or use your card in battle in order to level it up to where it needs to be. Once all of the requirements are met, the “evolve” button will turn red. Tap the button to go through with the evolution and power up your card greatly.

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