Pocket Knights: Top 10 Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Pocket Knights is a wildly popular game that combines the best parts of an iOS RPG and an iOS card battling game to make something that is truly unique, sometimes confusing, and bizarrely addicting. Your goal in this game is to go on missions in the tower, the arena, and all around the world, while building the most powerful collection of cards that you can. Read on for the top ten tips and cheats for Pocket Knights!

10) Upgrade your warehouse as high as you can, as quickly as you can.
Upgrading your warehouse is the key to stop yourself from getting roadblocked in the process of completing quests, because once you run out of warehouse space, you won’t be able to go any further until you do something about it. This will massively slow down your progress. If you need to unlock spaces any faster, spend diamonds (which you will usually have plenty of) in order to make it happen.

9) Use fusion and evolution to make your cards FAR stronger.
You’ll come across a ton of one- and two-star cards as you play the game, which are mostly useless for putting in your questing party. Use them instead for fuel for your fusions, which will level up your character cards, increasing their power (and your overall power) immensely. Do the exact same thing with your gear cards by sacrificing common weapons and armor (and other gear) to power up your main gear.

8) Collect as many Chest Monster and Pearl cards as you can.
Chest Monster cards, when sacrificed for fusions with your other character cards, will give them a LOT of experience points. Pearl cards, when sacrificed to power up your gear, will give you gear lots of experience points, as well – far, far more than other card sacrifices will.

7) Use your free special and supreme summons to stock up on rare cards.
Every 24 hours, you will earn one free special summon, which will earn you a card between 2 and 4 stars. When you use a supreme summon, you will get a card that is between 3 and 6 stars, and you earn one free supreme summon every 72 hours, or three days. Make the most out of your summons, because you could end up with three 6-star cards if you get lucky.

6) Once you unlock the Magic House, spend your honor to upgrade everything in there.
Most of the technologies in there, such as HP, attack and defense are self-explanatory. Others, such as rage and pacifist, can be a bit more confusing. Pacifist increases your team’s chance of dodging an attack, while Rage increases the power of each character’s “rage” attack (the special attack that they perform two to four times per turn). Click here for the top five tips and tricks for Pocket Knights!