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Pocket Mine 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Pocket Mine 2 is a new block-smashing game for the iOS and Android, the sequel to the previous smash hit Pocket Mine. Your goal here is much the same, to go as far as you can, find all kinds of treasure items, and load up on cash and jewels. You can use those to upgrade your gear, dig deeper, only to find even more treasure! Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Mine 2!

You can dig down through dirt blocks, ice and other normal blocks, but generally, your best bet to get a good distance is to hit the explosive blocks. Grenades, bombs, dynamite, explosive gas, all of that can get you farther faster by destroying a number of associated bricks. These will help you get to the bottom of stages faster, as well as to blow up more blocks that contain metal.

Different types of metal blocks contain different quantities of metal. Generally, the flashier the color, the more metal it contains, so if it comes between blocks that are shades of gray and blocks that are gold, blue or red or green, go for the colored blocks over the grayscale blocks. They earn you more cash which is then used to upgrade your pick, which allows you to do more hits and go even further.

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It also allows you to merge cards. When you have two of the same cards, merging them together will amplify the effect of the card – for example, a card that earns you 10 percent more metal per collected metal, when upgraded, will earn you %15 more metal per collected metal.

Getting to the end of the stage will earn you gems, which allows you to earn even rarer goodies, as well as unlock your own personal loadouts. The most important part of a loadout is the equipment that you put on your miner (boots, helmet, etc), because while the majority of equipment has no tangible effect on your performance, rarer pieces of equipment will give you a boost, such as magnetizing metal to you or increasing the power of your pick.

Each character has their own collection of artifacts, and each artifact that you earn can be traded for cash. Complete an entire collection, though, to earn even bigger rewards, such as gems or new equipment cards. Switch characters frequently so that you can track each individual character’s collection progress, and turn in a collection for rewards if applicable.