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Pocket Mine: How to get more keys, chests, cards, and energy

Pocket Mine is a new speed-digging game for the iOS and Android platforms, and it combines the mechanics of Dig Dug with the frantic pace of an endless runner game. Chests come in four materials (wooden, iron, gold and diamond) and will earn you anything from cash to rubies to rare cards. Keys are needed in order to open the chests. Cards will give you boosts at the beginning of each round, three boosts per round. Energy is needed in order to play a round. Read on to find out how to get more of all four!

To get more keys, you need to complete one specific side quest per round. The quest can be anything from destroying regular blocks to diamonds to picking up power ups. Once you complete the quest, you will earn two keys per quest for your trouble; however, if you don’t complete the quest, you don’t get any keys. You can also buy the keys as an in app purchase. Keys can also be had as one of the bonuses for successfully inviting friends to play via Facebook or Game Center.

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To get more chests, play rounds, go further, and any time that you see either an iron chest, a wooden chest, a gold chest or a diamond chest, pick it up. That chest will then go into your chest stash. Once you have enough keys to open it, go ahead and open it. Chests can only be found as collectibles in rounds; nowhere else.

Cards are found in either chests or crates. Crates are the starred bonus boxes that you can tap, especially after you watch a video under the Free Stuff! area. Usually, though, you will find them in chests. Wood chests will never contain cards. Iron chests will contain common cards. Gold chests will contain uncommon cards with a chance for rare. Diamond chests will contain rare cards with a chance for mythical or legendary cards.

To get free energy once you run out, simply set the time ahead on your phone, then go back to the game and the energy will be restored. You can get a free refill every time you level up, or you can buy energy using rubies. There’s also a bonus purchase that lets you increase your maximum energy from 5 to 8, that costs $1.99 in the app store.