Pocket Mine: How to get more Money and free Rubies

Pocket Mine, for the iOS and Android platforms, is a high-speed digging game that challenges you to go far down into the mine as you can, with a very limited amount of hits from your pickaxe. There are two types of currency in this game. The main currency, cash, is what you use to upgrade your pickaxe and to control the power up cards that you get before each round, as well as to fuse cards. Rubies, the red stones that hide right next to the cash counter, are the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Typically, the further down that you go in Pocket Mine, the more cash that you will earn. You’ll earn cash for any precious or semi precious metal that you pick up, be it iron , gold, iron, or diamonds, even collection items, so pick up as many precious and/or colorful stones and items as you can find. Go deeper down to find higher quantities of the more valuable of the stones (such as the gold, platinum and diamonds).

Keep upgrading your pickaxe so that you can go further down. This tip is fairly simple math – the more hits you get with your pickaxe, the more times you can take a swing at precious metals. Also, the further down you go, you will end up more and more precious metals.

Whack every explosive crate that you find, as explosive crates blow up large cluster of blocks, including precious metal blocks. Hit every jackhammer that you find, too, in order to auto-dig without having to bother with using the pick more.

Get every regular wooden crate that you can find, and every treasure chest that you find. Wooden crates often contain a whole bunch of gold. Open wooden chests using your keys, and you’ll find money every time. Also, tap on the “get free stuff” link to watch videos in exchange for free cash.

One way to get free rubies is by opening the rarer of the chests, such as the iron, gold and diamond chests. These have a slim chance at giving you rubies, although they will usually just give you rare cards or cash.

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