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Pocket Minions for iOS Resource Guide: How to get every resource in the game

There are a whole lot of resources that you have to get in Pocket Minions. In total, you need grains, fruit, meat, swords, shields, armor, gloves, ropes, stones, potions, wands, gems, hammers, nails and cogs in order to build every room that you need, complete every quest in the game, and build the maximum amount of towers, as well as to upgrade almost any room that you can build. Read on to find out what you need in order to get every resource in the game!

Certain minions will produce resources for you when you recruit them into their quarters. If you build a hunter’s lodge, you can recruit hunters, who can produce grain, fruit and meat. Build an Armory and you can recruit blacksmiths, who produce armor, swords and shields. Build a miner’s lodge, and you can recruit miners, who will give you gloves, ropes and stones.

Build a magic laboratory, and you can recruit alchemists, and they will produce potions, wands and gems for you. Build a workshop, and you can recruit craftsmen, who will produce hammers, nails and cogs for you. In addition, all of the above resources can be earned as quests rewards.

In some cases, you will need a resource to build a building to produce a resource, such as needing a potion to build an alchemist lodge. In that case, tap on the treasure chest in the lower left corner of the screen, and you will be able to exchange Dragon Crystals for any resource that you need. After you do that and build the (still an example) alchemist lodge, you will no longer need to spend Dragon Crystals on resources.

Keep their production high by having enough furnaces, toilets and entertainment rooms, or else they will become unhappy and stop producing, or slow down their production. Build a guard’s quarters and a dungeon so that if minions turn into thieves and start stealing other minions’ produced resources, you can catch them and reform them, thus turning them back into normal minions. Recruit mages in the mage barracks in order to keep ghosts at bay.