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Pocket Mystery: All Questions, Answers and Solutions [Questions 301-386]

Stage 77 (continued):

Question 301: The man in the picture is the reason she decided to kill himself. He broke up with her, and she convinced him to come back up here for one more ski trip. Then she disappeared.

Stage 78:

Question 302: The man who died in the restaurant has a soda cup in front of him, indicating that he didn’t drink alcohol.

Question 303: Police suspect the two because of the candles on the table, hinting that the light at the restaurant was extremely dim.

Question 304: The sudden illness could have been caused by the shellfish, which had been in the small dish that is now empty in front of the man.

Question 305: The bowl of soup in front of the man is what caused the allergic reaction. The soup was shrimp-based but the dim light hid the shrimp.

Stage 79:

Question 306: The belt came from around the waist of the woman. She has belt loops on her dress, but no belt at the moment.

Question 307: The broken glass bottle is what was suspected as the item that knocked the woman out first.

Question 308: Police suspect that the assailant is still there because the door has been locked from the inside, hinting the the killer didn’t escape.

Question 309: The killer locked the inside lock from outside using snow on the outside, which melted inside and caused the door to lock. The puddle on the floor hints at the snow melt.

Stage 80:

Question 310: The broken flower pot on the ground hit the girl in the head, causing her to collapse and fall to the ground.

Question 311: The balcony with eight other flower pots on it is where this flower pot happened to fall from.

Question 312: The actual target of the flower pot drop was the woman on the left, wearing a hat and walking the dog.

Question 313: The dog was the cause of the dispute. The dog’s barking angered the woman, and the landlord didn’t do anything about it, so the woman took matters into her own hands.

Stage 81:

Question 314: The blood stain on the rocks is an indicator of what caused the death of the woman in the onset.

Question 315: The other set of towels and soap on the rocks was an indicator that someone else was in the hot springs, too.

Question 316: Suspect C is wearing a bathrobe and has her hair tied back, indicating that she was in the bath at the time of the incident.

Question 317: The sake bottle near the woman shows that the woman got drunk and began harassing C, which is why C took matters into her own hands.

Stage 82:

Question 318: The high heel missing off of the foot of the woman hints that she actually did trip and fall down the stairs.

Question 319: The arrow in her back is not broken, and if the crossbow caused her to fall down, the arrow would be broken.

Question 320: The police wanted to check the man’s rolling suitcase, because that’s the only thing he had that would be big enough to hold a crossbow.

Question 321: The picture of the victim and the witness together on the victim’s phone is what led to the conclusion that the witness was actually the perpetrator.

Stage 83:

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Question 322: Police had a hard time entering the room because of the chain lock on the door.

Question 323: You can tell that the main either just got home or was about to go out because he still has his shoes on.

Question 324: You can tell that the man was attacked somewhere else because the vase on the table hasn’t been moved, like it would have been if there was a struggle inside.

Question 325: The victim died with the phone in his hand. He got stabbed outside, ran inside and locked the door, then called the police.

Stage 84:

Question 326: The poison must have come from the paper cup, since the man was using it to drink the water from the water dispenser.

Question 327: The pill bottle is the reason that the man had to drink water, so that he could use it to make the pills go down more smoothly.

Question 328: The manager was in the doorway and had a car key in her hand, indicating that she had to rush in the room too quickly for her to have had the time to poison the cup.

Question 329: The police stopped suspecting the assistant director because he had the word “cup” on his hand, which indicates that he had to be reminded to prepare the cup.

Stage 85:

Question 330: The victim had a pen with her. That pen might have been used to write down the code to the alarm system.

Question 331: She wasn’t suspicious of the package because all of the boxes in the bottom picture indicate that she was a frequent shopper.

Question 332: The victim shopped for almost everything on line due to her disability, which is hinted at by the cane leaning on the door in the first picture.

Question 333: The camera next to the computer shows that the victim was a popular streamer, and that her killer was a crazed fan.

Stage 86:

Question 334: The coach’s death was due to the pair of scissors sticking out of his back.

Question 335: The gap in the sand under the benches is where the killer hid while waiting for the coach to come into the locker room.

Question 336: The captain was ruled out as a suspect due to his sheer size making it difficult for him to hide under the bench.

Question 337: The assistant manager’s skirt has dirt on it that’s hidden by the jacket tied behind her waist, indicating that she is the one who did it.

Stage 87:

Question 338: Number 3 is the one who is definitely not the thief, because she was in a bikini, and she wouldn’t be able to hide anything in it.

Question 339: Number 2 can be ruled out by the gorgeous hair criteria, simply because her hair was short and not that thick.

Question 340: Number 5 is paying no attention to the undercover cop, indicating that she has nothing to fear and thus is not the thief.

Question 341: Number 4 turned out to be the thief, because number 1 has a see-through bag with her, which can’t hide anything.

Stage 88:

Question 342: The squawking parrot was making a ton of noise, and was able to alert the neighbors to the body extremely quickly.

Question 343: The pill bottle on the bed is indicative of what killed the woman. It’s filled with poison.

Question 344: The parrot’s words were what led police to believe it was actually a homicide. The parrot was yelling “Who’s that guy, huh?”

Question 345: The man in the picture on the floor is the one who is suspected of killing the woman.

Stage 89:

Question 346: The killer beat the victim on the head where there is blood near his ear.

Question 347: There is a left-handed glove next to the body. That means the killer was most likely left-handed.

Question 348: Victim C has the right-handed glove on, thus he could not be the killer. The killer was left-handed.

Question 349: B is the killer. You can tell because his jacket is zipped up all the way to his neck, covering up the rest of his uniform, and any possible stains on it.

Stage 90:

Question 350: The bottom rifle on the wall is the one that discharged and killed the man. You can tell because it’s at the same level as the wound.

Question 351: The wine bottle on the table caused the discharge. The light magnified when it shined through, burning the rifle detonator.

Question 352: The wine glass on the end table next to the man on the couch is a clue why the wine was out. He was drinking it.

Question 353: The picture of the man and the guns shows that the rifles used to point away from the sofa, not toward it, hinting that this was a homicide.

Stage 91:

Question 354: The ventilation pipe coming out of the gas furnace is why police initially thought it was a suicide.

Question 355: The calendar on the wall of the victim is what indicated to police that this was, in fact, not a suicide.

Question 356: The vacuum cleaner outside of the door was used to cause the duct tape on the outside of the door to seal on completely.

Question 357: The earmuffs on her eats explained why she didn’t hear the vacuum, clearer when it was run.

Stage 92:

Question 358: The thief broke in through the big hole in the glass on the sliding glass door.

Question 359: The masterpiece was stolen from the big dark rectangle spot on the wall.

Question 360: There is a footprint near where the painting was stolen from, which will be easy to use to identify the killer.

Question 361: There is water on the ground outside near the plants, so their recent waiting left water behind, which then became footprints after it had been stepped in.

Stage 93:

Question 362: The clock on the pole shows what time the body of the victim had been found.

Question 363: The weapon that killed the woman is the bloody pair of scissors, which is sitting on the ground behind her.

Question 364: The runner has tape around her right ankle, which shows where the previous injury had been located.

Question 365: C was the one who committed the crime. You can tell because she has a cut on the palm of her right hand.

Stage 94:

Question 366: This is the picture from the title of the game. The woman’s fatal hit occurred on her head. No wounds were left because it was blunt force.

Question 367: The broken glass item on the ground is what gave the woman the fatal wound.

Question 368: The fish bowl came from the top of the cabinet, where there are also other fish bowls located.

Question 369: You can tell that it was not the fish bowl, because none of the water spilled out onto the woman, as it would have if it were an accident.

Stage 95:

Question 370: The archeologist was in Egypt to visit the pyramids at the time of the crime.

Question 371: Another thing that proves what he is saying is that the man also has a watch-shaped tan line on his wrist.

Question 372: The archeologist is riding a Bactrian camel which has two humps, while the nomads in the background are herding Arabian camels. Bactrian aren’t found in Egypt.

Question 373: The man in front of the archeologist’s camel has “ZOO” on his sleeve, indicating that he actually worked for the zoo.

Stage 96:

Question 374: The coach is holding a football helmet, which is a clue as to who the murderer really was.

Question 375: The coach had a bite mark on his arm, because he was trying to persuade a student to have intercourse with him, and she bit him to get away.

Question 376: The pool of blood by his head is an indication that it was not the bite mark that killed him.

Question 377: The coach’s hint described The member of the fencing club, the girl in the lower-left corner, who used her saber to stab the coach.

Stage 97:

Question 378: Tap the coconuts in the tree. A coconut fell on the man’s head, but no coconuts are on the ground.

Question 379: The girlfriend thinks that the giant lobster on the tree knocked down the coconut that hit the man on the head.

Question 380: The surfboard is actually what hit the man in the head and knocked him unconscious. The girlfriend confesses that she is the one who hit him with it.

Question 381: She hit him because his phone hinted at an affair. His phone shows a lot of messages.

Stage 98:

Question 382: Tap on the skis. The man is skiing, which is why he is away on vacation in the mountains.

Question 383: The cherry blossom tree is in bloom, indicating that the picture was actually taken in the spring.

Question 384: The man is trying to hand his phone to someone. If it were a selfie, he would have used his phone for it.

Question 385: The picture was taken by a woman, who can be seen in the reflection off of his goggles.

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