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Pocket Troops – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pocket Troops is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can put together a small battalion, upgrade them, train them and equip them with weapons. You’ll make war through the deserts and cities, earning cash, stars and coins along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Troops!

In each of the mission battles, you get one airstrike and three healing packs, so use them wisely. The airstrike should be saved until the final battle by any means possible, as this is usually the toughest battle, and the point where you’ve run out of healing packs. Using it too soon can put the mission in jeopardy.

When you’re stuck on a mission battle, go and play against the randomly generated opponents in the PvP mode that pop up all over the map. These tend to be much easier to defeat than the mission battles are. Complete the side missions for extra stars and cash as well.

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Use the stars to unlock new skills for you characters, and then when you get duplicate skills, mix them together to upgrade them. Put your troops into training mode as often as your cash stash will allow you to in order to strengthen them. In addition, they’ll gain experience points after battles, and they’ll get stronger as they level up.

Hit the shop mode and buy the armory and you’ll be able to pass skills back and forth between troopers, allowing for maximum upgrades (just pass a skill back and forth and upgrade it using all of their spares). The rec room will allow you to hold more soldiers, and the cash device will earn you money every hour. Every room has its own special function.

As your troops level up, they will be able to equip more than just two skills. Mix and match their skills to see what works best. Explosion skills tend to be a particular help because they will allow you to do splash damage to a group of enemy troops, rather than just one at a time.

Log into Facebook and Game Center to earn 100 free coins (the premium currency of the game). You will also be able to call upon friends’ troops for help, and they will be able to call upon yours.