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Pocket7Games: How To Win Real Cash/Money For Free

Pocket7Games is a new gaming and casino app for the iOS and Android platforms, featuring seven popular mobile game formats, which you can play and bet against other players in order to win real money.

It may seem at first as if you have to invest money in order to make money, but you can actually win real life money for free using the right combination of time and luck.

Read on for a guide on how to win real cash for free in Pocket7Games!

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Typically, the main and fastest way to earn real money in this game is to use an in app purchase to add money to your account. It is fast, but it can get expensive and it’s not required.

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Instead, there are a couple ways to get free money into your account. One of them is to use promo codes. If you have a gift code, enter it into the store and you will get money for free

Another way to get free money is to do the following. First, go to any one of the seven games contained within the app. Tap on them and First on the menu will be the cash games.

Scroll past these and next on the menu will be free games. You only have to spend chips in order to play these games, so there is no purchase required in order to play.

Enter the chip games, win them, and you will get tickets. Tickets can be spent in the store for real money and other prizes.

Another way to get free money to enter in is to collect the daily login bonuses. Many of the free bonuses will consist of small amounts of cash. After you get enough of them, you will be able to start playing for cash against other players.

After that, of course, to make money for free (as in enough money that you will be able to cash out), play the games that you’re the best at. If you were an old-school Tetris fanatic or solitaire fanatic, specialize in those. Pick one game to specialize in.

Also, play as many practice rounds as you want to. Play for chips, win a ton of them, and use your skill to boost your prowess at the cash games.


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