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Pokémon Duel: Tips and Tricks Guide; Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pokémon Duel is a new RPG/board game for the iOS and Android platforms, and despite being a surprise release, it’s rapidly shot to the top of the charts since it came out. This game pits you in duels against other players, with the goal being to get your Pokémon to the middle space at the other player’s end of the board before they get to yours. You can rack up coins and gems as well as collect Pokémon from ALL generations, not just the first one. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pokémon Duel!

When you begin a match, the very first thing that you do should be of protect both sides of your board. You don’t want to leave one of your starter posts unprotected by any stretch. If the opposing player’s Pokémon takes one of your starter spots, then that entire spot will be off-limits until it’s knocked off of the spot. And when a starter spot is taken, it becomes that much more difficult to defend against losing the good glowing spot.

That said, BE AGGRESSIVE. Look for the slightest little mistake by the other player and take full advantage of it. If you notice the other player making a strategic error, shoot one of your three-move Pokémon out there and race into the spot before they realize what they did. Other players often get distracted by trying to battle against your Pokémon as well, making it very easy to take advantage of their lapse of judgment and move into their old spot.

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When it comes to battling, the type advantage from the old games and from Pokémon GO apply here as well. If you have a type advantage, you will gain power if you land on an attack, but if you have a type disadvantage, you will lose power on your attack.

If you end up with a rainbow colored chest (which takes 24 hours to open), open it AS SOON AS YOU CAN, even if you have other short-term chests in your stash as well. These will often contain rare, epic and legendary Pokémon which, if added to your deck, will give you a massive advantage. They’ll also give you higher-experience fusion items so that you can level your Pokémon up extremely quickly.

When you level up a Pokémon, you will be able to increase the size of one of its attacks. Almost without exception, increase the size of the strongest attack. There is no point in increasing the size of the weaker attack as it will get beaten by all but the weakest Pokémon in most instances. And no matter what attack you choose to level up, the miss portion of the spinning circle will shrink by the same amount.