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Pokémon GO: Alola Form Guide: How to get all 18 Alola Forms

Pokémon GO has added the Alola forms that made their debut in the Generation 7 Pokémon console and handheld games. There are 18 of them total, and all of them are variants on Generation 1 Pokémon but with a new look and different types. All of them can be found in Pokémon GO, but different methods have to be used to get all of them. Read on to find out how to get all of the Alola forms in Pokémon GO!

There are eight of them that can be found via the new 7Km Egg, which can only be earned from gift boxes that your friends give to you. If you hatch a 7Km egg, you’ll get one of the following Alola forms: Grimer, Vulpix, Sandshrew and Meowth. You can then evolve them into the Alola versions of Muk, Ninetales, Sandslash and Persian. The evolved forms may also hatch from 7Km eggs, although this is extremely rare.

The Alola forms of Diglett and Geodude are going to be the most common finds, as they are available worldwide beginning on July 14-15, which is the weekend of Pokémon GO Fest 2018. They will be available after the Fest is over, so be on the lookout. Once you catch them, you can evolve them into the Alola forms of Dugtrio, Graveler, and Golem, and they can be evolved using candy that you got from the non-Alola forms, too.

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The most hilarious-looking Alola Pokémon, by far, is Exeggutor, as it’s so tall that its head won’t even fit in the non-AR catch window. This one comes and goes depending on what special events happen in the Pokémon GO world, but this was the first to be released into the wild, beginning in May 2018 when it was extremely common. After that, sightings tend to come and go, but be on the lookout for a tall, ridiculous-looking silhouette in your finder view, or for another event in which they become common again.

So far, what’s missing on the list are the Alolan forms of Rattata, Raticate, Marowak, and Raichu. Considering the commonality of Rattata, expect the initial release to be a worldwide release Rattata and Raticate are live at this very moment. Look wherever you would find a normal Rattata at night, as dark types are more likely to show up at night. Picture included of a recent encounter. Marowak and Raichu are far more rare to begin with, so expect them to either be added to 7Km eggs later on, or to be put out in limited-release form. There is also the possibility that they will eventually be able to evolve from Cubone and Pikachu (and that Exeggcute will be able to evolve into Alola Exeggutor), although under what circumstances is still yet unknown.

The Alola forms will not have their own Pokédex entries; instead, like the Castform and Shiny types of Pokémon, they will have sub-entries in the Pokédex under the original type of Pokémon. This will make it VERY easy to evolve the base 7km egg types, or Diglett or Geodude. This article will be updated as soon as future knowledge is released about the unreleased Alola forms.