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Pokémon GO – How to install and play in any country or region on iPhone, iPad, or Android

The latest news on Pokémon Go is that the rollout to the UK and many other countries has been delayed. However, it is entirely possible to install the game no matter what country you live in, and no matter what device you have, and still find a good APK (for Android users). Read on for tips on installing Pokémon GO in any region in the world!

For the iPhone and iPad, here’s what you do. First, go to the App Store, then go to the Featured tab. Next, scroll down to your Apple I.D. and hit “Sign Out”. Next, go to your settings, and scroll down to General. Now go down to Language and Region. Go down to the Region part, and change the region to United States (or to any other country that has the app in their store). When the pop up asks you to continue, hit continue.

Alternately, go to the App Store, go to Featured and scroll down to your Apple I.D. Hit View Apple I.D. and enter the password and you will be able to change your country or region. Click past the terms and conditions. Leave the payment and billing information blank or enter a random address if you have to.

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Go back to the App Store and (if you did the first method) register a new Apple I.D. and leave the billing information blank. Now go to the search bar or to the top charts. Look for Pokémon Go and you will see it and be able to install it. You just won’t be able to make any in-app purchases on it if it is not out in your country yet.

For Androids, go to your settings and go to Security. Enable “Unknown Sources”. Now go to a site that lets you download the APK. Now pull out a PC or Mac and download the APK to it. Download a desktop app that allows you to connect your computer with your device, and load the APK file onto your phone. Now go back to your settings and disable “Unknown Sources” unless you plan to sideload more apps.

BE VERY CAREFUL as to what source you get the APK from. One confirmed source for the APK is a website called APK Mirror. Go to that site and search for Pokémon GO and download the legitimate version. Be very careful to make sure that it’s legit, as phony APKs and apps are out there.