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Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work, Page 2

6) When doing a gym battle, you don’t have to watch the attack animation of the opponent. When you see that yellow “flash” around the rim of the screen, dodge to the left or to the right and you will avoid the attack every time. Pepper in 1-3 attacks depending on attack speed in between dodges.

7) If you have a Charmander, name it Zippo. Then close out of the game and open it back up again. You will get a Charmeleon with Ember and Flamethrower, which is the moveset that Charmeleon had in the anime. This is soft-confirmed but not by enough people to call it fact. If anyone else has successfully done this, drop a comment and state your results.EDIT: False. A different tip to replace this one: If you catch 100 of the same Pokémon, you get a 100 exp bonus. If you catch 200 of the same Pokémon, you get a 200 exp bonus, and so on and so forth. Useless for now, but if Niantic powers up this bonus with a future update it could become a good way to gain experience.

8) The starter trick. You can get Pikachu as a starter right at the beginning of the game. All you have to do is walk away from the other three starters four times, and then the fourth time that they reappear, Pikachu will be one of the ones that appears.

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9) Night time is a far better time to challenge gyms than daytime is due to the ongoing “1 HP” glitch, where a Pokémon won’t faint after losing all of its HP. This is due to laggy servers most of the time, making it far better to challenge a gym at night than during the day (or if you live in Europe or Asia, challenge when the Americas are playing at night).

10) If you have a Pokémon stationed at a gym somewhere, challenge the same gym using another one of your Pokémon. Your Pokémon will not faint after the battle, but you’ll still get the gym prestige bonuses as well as the experience points bonuses from completing a gym battle.

11) When you’re fighting at a friendly gym, the prestige gains are higher if you challenge the friendly gym with a lower-CP Pokémon than if you challenge the same gym with a higher CP Pokémon. The same is true for experience point gains, which are typically 10 percent of your prestige gains.

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