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Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work

Pokémon GO has been the number one subject of information – and misinformation – since it was released for the iPhone, iPad and Android. There’s a veritable treasure trove of information out there. Much of it is true, and much of it is false. There’s a number of good cheats, tricks, and easter eggs out there for beginners and seasoned players alike. Tips are constantly getting added to this article, hence the article’s name change. Read on for the top 16 working tricks and cheats for Pokémon GO!

1) You can get whatever Eevee evolution you want by changing their names. Name it Sparky to get a Jolteon, Pyro to get a Flareon and Rainer to get a Vaporeon. If you rename them later, though, you will need to shut down the game and then reopen it before evolving them. This is a throwback to an episode of the anime in which three brothers named Rainer, Sparky and Pyro had the three Eevee evolutions. This only works the first time for each of the evolutions – then it goes back to random evolutions. Confirmed by the CEO of Niantic.

2) Throwing curveballs has been proven via data-mining to increase your chances of successfully catching a Pokémon. So has getting the Nice/Excellent/Great bonus, which is done by throwing the ball inside of the colored circle. Get a bonus with a curveball for the best chance at landing the catch.

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3) Using a website called Pokevision allows you to see where Pokémon are spawning at any given moment. This tells you where they are and how many minutes left they have on the clock for spawning. This website data-mines the game to figure out where they are at any given moment.

4) Use the Ingress app and search out the areas that hold a large amount of XM. These areas double as heavy Pokémon spawn points. Use it to find and move to a high-XM area and there will either be Pokémon there, or Pokémon ready to spawn there toward the end of the hour or toward the beginning of the next hour.

5) All of the Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms have been carried over from Ingress portals, but not all of the Ingress portals have been ported over yet. If you find a portal that has not been carried over, keep an eye on that spot as Niantic is constantly adding new Pokémon Gyms and Pokestops at random times. You can also go to that empty spot in Pokémon GO for frequent Pokémon spawns.

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