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Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work, Page 4

17) Want to make it real easy to get coins? Wait until the coin bonus countdown in the shop menu hits zero. Then instead of collecting it right away, go to an area with a lot of gyms. Beat Pokémon at all of the other team’s gyms and add your own Pokémon, or train your team’s gyms until they level up enough to add Pokémon to, then add a Pokémon. Load as many gyms as you can with your Pokémon, then collect the bonus for a maximal amount of coins.

18) The bizarre “automatic curve” glitch, where the ball curves by itself when you use Razz Berries, can be defeated simply by throwing intentional curveballs, so if you already curve the ball every time on your own just to increase the catch rate, then you’re also defeating the auto-curve glitch. Another workaround is to note the direction of curve, then throw a straight ball off to the side so that it curves automatically.

19) Almost every gym falls eventually, but if you want to hold a gym for awhile, your best bet is A: to train a friendly gym until the prestige level increases enough for you to stick a Pokémon there, or B: to station a super high CP Pokémon there, to use the power of fear to scare other players away. Your best bet is to do both of these at once. Become the leader of a friendly gym by virtue of stationing the highest-CP Pokémon there.

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20) The GPS pings the game once every three minutes. This can cause a LOT of egg-traveling distance to be cut out if you are walking or running on a curvy road. To get the most km for your walking, your best bet is to walk in as straight of a line as possible. Running or biking work too, although they are at risk of more distance being cut out than walking is.

21) If you click on a Pokéstop and you are still shown as being ‘too far away’, don’t click out of the screen. Continue to walk towards it and when you get close enough to it, the ‘too far away’ message will disappear and you will be able to swipe and collect the items.

22) New types of berries are in the code but have not yet been added to the game. Look for Bluk, Wepar (Wepear), Nanab and Pinap Berries to show up in a future update as they haven’t been placed into the game. Floral, Spicy and Cool incense are in the code as well.

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