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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Win, and Strategy Guide

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is the first Pokemon game to come to the iOS and (soon) Android phone platforms (the TCG came to the iPad). This new free to play match 3 puzzler lines you up against various Pokemon, and your goal is to match combinations of three, four, five, or more, in order to attack with your Pokemon and catch them. You can also battle trainers for big rewards as well, collect gems and coins, and play in special and expert levels for an even greater challenge. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pokemon Shuffle Mobile!

You have five hearts to begin the game, and whether you win or lose, the hearts go away. After half an hour, one heart is restored. But if you don’t want to wait to get all of your hearts back, the best bet is to go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by 2 1/2 hours – half an hour per heart – to get your hearts back instantly.

Be sure to optimize your Pokemon team before every fight, especially if you had just caught a new one the previous fight. An element advantage will double a Pokemon’s attack power, whereas an element disadvantage will chop that attack power in half. Once you start getting mega evolution stones for more than one Pokemon, optimize the number 1 slot based on the next battle. If you have an elemental advantage with a mega-evolution Pokemon in the number 1 slot, that’s a gigantic advantage.

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Once you get to later levels in the game, if you catch a new Pokemon and want to use it in the next battle, but the level isn’t high enough, go down to older levels that you have already beaten and battle it out in order to power up your new Pokemon’s experience level. Once it’s powered up, then you can take it back to the latest battle and use it more effectively.

The expert levels have a different mode of play compared to the main levels. You have unlimited moves, but instead you are held to a time limit, so you have to attack and make combos as quickly as possible. Make combos while other combos are still going, and create chaos on the board. This is where the mega evolution Pokemon becomes extremely important as well, so that you can knock out massive blocks of Pokemon tiles and create chain combos.

Going back to old levels also serves to build up coins, especially for when you need to get more moves. The more moves you have left at the end of a battle, the easier it will be to catch the Pokemon (or for the expert levels, the more time that you have left at the end of the battle). For tough battles with very few moves, use the +5 moves bonus or the Pokemon will end up being nearly uncatchable.