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Popular Wars: Costume Guide and List – How to unlock all secret costumes/skins

Popular Wars pits you against other players in a bid to be the most popular player of the round in a .io style game. Not only can you compete against other players, but you can also unlock all sorts of new character costumes/skins by completing specific actions within the game. And all of the characters are a secret until the moment that you unlock them, but we’ll tell you what all of them are beforehand. Read on for some tips and tricks for unlocking all costumes in Popular Wars!

(NOTE: This is an incomplete list and costumes are added as they’re discovered. Comment with your own discoveries as you make them.)
Reach first place in Classic mode = Business Suit Costume
Play two consecutive days =
Reach Hot Shot Rank =

Reach VIP Rank =
Reach Superstar Rank =
Reach Worldstar Rank =

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Reach Icon Rank =
Reach Legend Rank =
Grab a chair ten times in classic mode = Chun-Li Costume

Play for seven straight days =
Reach 700 followers in one game in classic mode =
Destroy ten walls in one single game of classic mode = Ash Ketchum Costume

Get five eliminations in one classic mode game = Donald Trump Costume
Hit fifty trees total (not all in one game) = Soldier Costume
Visit four corners of the map in a single classic-mode game =


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