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Popular Wars: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Popular Wars is a new .io competition game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to be the one with the most followers at the end of the round, and to do this you move past blank people, and then they follow you. You can earn coins, unlock a whole bunch of new skins for your characters, and go for the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Popular Wars!

From the beginning, you will be small and unable to break through any sort of walls. After awhile, you’ll grow larger, and you’ll slowly be able to move objects. Each time you win enough followers to increase in size, you’ll be able to move things out of the way faster so that you can get to new people quicker.

If you have more followers than another person, you can steal their followers, or even eliminate them altogether, by running over them. If you have less followers than the other person, stay away from them, because they can do the exact same thing to you. Find people to eat before they all get eliminated by the other large players. This is the easiest way to be number one during a specific round.

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At the end of a round, you’ll earn more or less coins depending on what rank you finish with. The fastest way to earn more coins, though, is to spin the wheel at the end of the round, which can be done after watching an advertisement video. You can even spin multiple times after each round – just watch multiple videos and you will unlock more spins per video.

You can unlock character skins as well as facial expressions. You can also change the color of the circle, but you don’t have to unlock any of the new circle colors. Some characters can be unlocked by spending coins, while others can be unlocked by competing specific actions.

There are two modes to this game; classic mode pits you against other players, and solo mode puts only you on the map, and you have to get every follower on the map within a span of two minutes. Use solo mode to get the lay of the land and look around the map entirely without having to worry about getting eaten by other players.


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