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Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide, Page 2

Tier 3 (Griffondell):
Highwind Set: Full Set: Attack +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Highwind Axe: Critical rate +5%
Highwind Buckler: Damage +10%
Highwind Guard: Max health +10%
Highwind Cap: Critical Damage +15%

Tempest Set: Full Set Bonus: Item Find +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Tempest Blade: Accuracy +10%
Tempest Buffer: 20% chance to recover health when blocking
Tempest Garb: Magic Defense +5%
Tempest Helm: Critical rate +5%

Flitter Set: Full Set Bonus: Dodge Rate +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Flitdagger: Critical Rate +5%
Flitkite: Returns 20% of damage received through melee attacks back to the enemy
Flitvest: Dodge Rate +3%
Flithelm: Recover 1% health when you dodge an attack

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Mistral Set: Full Set: Critical Rate +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Mistral Dagger: Recover 2% health when you do a critical hit
Mistral Guard: Ranged Defense +10%
Mistral Armor: Movement Speed +25%
Mistral Hat: Critical Damage +15%

Tier 4 (Caldemount):
Crusader’s Set: Full Set: Accuracy +15%
5-star Bonuses:
Crusade: Damage +10%
Crusader’s Shield: Health +10%
Crusader’s Mail: Magic Defense +5%
Crusader’s Helm: Additional Defense +10%

Harbinger’s Set: Full Set: Defense +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Harbinger’s Mace: Additional Defense +10%
Harbinger’s Buckler: Magic Defense +5%
Harbinger’s Suit: Health +10%
Harbinger’s Bascinet: Ranged Defense +10%

Sinister Set: Full Set: Critical Damage +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Sinister Silencer: Critical Damage +15%
Sinister Shield: Damage +15%
Sinister Suit: Movement Speed +50%
Sinister Sallet: Critical Rate +10%

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