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Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide

Postknight is a new hit game starring a postal working knight whose goal is to deliver goods to people while fighting off everything from dire wolves to pirates to angry goblins. You can load up on all sorts of equipment in this game, complete equipment sets, and upgrade your equipment for additional bonuses once you hit five stars with a piece of equipment. Read on for a list of all of the set bonuses and 5-star upgrade bonuses for equipment in Postknight!

Tier 1 (Pompon):
Novice Set: Full Set: Gold Gain +10%
Novice Sword 5-star: Critical Rate +10%
Novice’s Buckler: Increase all defense by 10%
Novice’s Garb: Max health +10%
Novice’s Helm: Increase HP by 25%

Adventurer’s Set: Full Set: Experience Gain +10%
Adventurer’s Dagger 5-star bonus: Critical damage +15%
Adventurer’s Shield: Magic Defense +5%
Adventurer’s Armor: Dodge Rate +5%
Adventurer’s Cap: +5% Experience Gain

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Combat Set: Full Set: Attack +15%
Combat Mace 5-star bonus: Critical Damage +15%
Combat Buckler: Damage +10%
Combat Armor: Max health +10%
Combat Helm: Critical Rate +5%

Tier 2:
Tiderider’s Set: Full Set: Movement Speed +10%
Tiderider’s Blade 5-star Bonus: Critical Damage +15%
Tiderider’s Guard: Additional Defense +10%
Tiderider’s Suit: Dodge Rate +5%
Tiderider’s Helm: Ranegd Defense +10%

Crimson Set: Full Set: Max HP +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Crimson Maul: 10% chance to stun enemies
Crimson Crust: 20% Chance to recover health while blocking
Crimson Chassis: Max Health +10%
Crimson Crown: Defense and Ranged Defense +5%

Sea Gleam Set: Full Set: Exp Gain +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Sea Gleam Sword: Magic Damage +5%
Sea Gleam Shield: Magic Defense +5%
Sea Gleam Armor: Maximum health +10%
Sea Gleam Helm: Recover 5 health every 3 seconds in battle

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