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Postknight – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Whenever you are too low on health points, the “Go” button will be grayed out until you recover. Tap it and you won’t have to wait to recover. You can either use the gems to recover immediately, or you can watch an advertisement video for a free full recovery in about thirty seconds. This won’t save much time when you are still on Pompon, but when you’re further, such as toward the end of Shello Bay or on Griffondell and beyond, this will make a huge time difference.

When the going starts to get tougher, you’ll notice that if you use your charge attack, despite doing a lot of damage and not getting knocked back, you will still take a fairly significant amount of damage. Once you unlock the Blitz skill, your charge distance will be doubled, which speeds up your run through levels and enemies but puts you at even more risk of getting killed mid-charge. To avoid this happening, use your shield and then your charge attack immediately afterward, so that you can block attacks while charging, taking far less damage as you blast through enemies.

Crabuckets can be one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game due to the propensity to stop your charge right in its tracks. However, if you want to keep your charge going, you can. First, run into a crabucket as normal without charging – use a shield if you want to. Once you get the first hit against them, use the charge attack and you run right through them. Also, if you are on the tail end of your charge, you’ll run through them without getting knocked back.

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If you want to build up the hearts as quickly as possible with the girls in the village, pay attention to how each gift that you give them affects their heart rating. After you try one gift once, then the next time you can give them gifts, there will be an emoji next to the same item if it’s in your pack that shows how good of a gift it is. The hearts-for-eyes emoji tells you when she REALLY loves something.

The pirate boss in Shello Bay can be a giant pain in the ass to beat but it’s doable. Use your shield to block the cannonball shots, and one of the shots that you block will be reflected back at him and he will be stunned. When this happens, use your charge to damage him. Use the Assault Boost to double the damage that you do when you use this attack or use Blitz to double the amount of time spent charging at once against him.

If you are wondering what the event tokens are for, there is something called the Blossom Festival that appears from time to time. You will be able to buy event-specific goods hwenever the blossom fest girl shows up. She will appear in any town, next to the signpost (area gateway) to the RIGHT of the merchant in the village (not by the left signpost).

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