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Postknight – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 4

By the time you get to the Valley of Gold, you’ll notice that there are 6 different Tier-5 sets of equipment available. One of these is the Everlast Set, which has not been added to the game yet. However, the other five tiers are in the game, and they provide the biggest stat boosts in the entire game, including when you unlock the 5-star bonuses and the set bonuses.

Precise Barrier is the name of the highest-tier shield blocking skill, and when a “Perfect Block” is executed, you will recover large amounts of health points. A perfect block happens within the first half a second of using the boost so use it right as you are about to charge into a group of enemies, or take a number of projectile hits. This makes boss battles easy as well – just time the shield block right before you get hit by the barrage of attacks.

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Different types of weapons have stat boosts and stat nerfs that aren’t immediately obvious. One example is that if your weapon is a mace, your movement speed will be dropped significantly. If your weapon is a dagger, conversely, your movement speed will be increased by a significant amount.

Don’t be too quick to boost the common weapons and armor early on in a new stage unless you absolutely have to because you’re not surviving. Instead, wait until you get to new areas of the stage, as rarer weapons and armor will show up with higher base stats and more attack, defense, health or ranged defense. And if you hoard upgrade items as you go, you’ll be able to take your rare and epic items to the blacksmith right away.

Buying a new potion from the merchant requires you to grind for potion upgrade items and for coins for a long time. The best way to get both is to go to the areas that you have beaten already and play them through again using the Loot Luxury charge for the killshot against everyone that you possibly can.

Setting the fastest possible times on the area time attack stages can be done with one particular loadout that will beat any other in terms of speed. Equip the green potion, whose bonus attribute is a speed increase. Equip a dagger for more speed. Equip the Blitz charge for double the charge length. Equip the Mirror Magic shield block to deal damage back to any attacker, which, when added to the charge damage, makes for extremely quick kills.
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