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Postknight – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide – How to beat the bosses, get the girls and deliver the packages!

Postknight is a new iOS and Android game by Kurechii in which you play a knight who is also a postman. Your goal is to deliver letters while defeating massive enemy contingents. You can collect coins, gems, upgrade materials and event tokens, and even trade gifts with girls in each village in order to build relationships with them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Postknight!

The game tells you to use the delivery quests to build experience if you are having a hard time with the main mission, but an even better way to gain experience is to go to the areas , which you can get to by going to the signpost at the far left side of the village. Once you finish all of the routes in a village, you can go back to that village and access the areas. You’ll face FAR more enemies but you’ll load up on experience points as well as coins, trade items, event tokens and upgrade items for your potions.

What the delivery quests are best for, though, is earning postknight tokens, which are something that can boost your base coin earnings, experience earnings, and quest reload time permanently. Earn them and then submit them and you’ll rank up as a postknight. Each time that you rank up, you will earn a boost to anywhere between one of these three traits, and all three of these traits at once.

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Make sure to upgrade items to five-stars apiece at the blacksmith whenever you get the chance. When you do the full five star upgrade, you’ll unlock another bonus for a different statistic, such as a 10% attack boost or a 5% critical upgrade. There’s also a boost available for when you unlock all four equipment items in a single set. If you can’t find the last item in a set, check the merchant to see if it’s for sale.

The merchant’s goods list, the delivery quest list, and the quest list can all be reloaded instantly, without having to wait for the cooldown period to end. Tap on the time that’s left and you will have an option to either pay gems or watch a video in order to reload the quest/merchant/delivery list right away. This is especially useful for the delivery list so that if you get all of the postknight tokens that are possible at the time, you can reload and get even more of them.

Strength and vitality are extremely important level-up upgrades because they boost your attack power and your health points, but agility and intelligence are important enough that you shouldn’t neglect them. Upgrade your intelligence to boost your magic defense and to provide permanent boosts to the experience that you earn for each battle, allowing you to gain levels faster. Upgrade your agility to increase your critical hit rate and your dodge rate, which can save your bacon against tough bosses who you shouldn’t be statistically capable of beating.

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