Potion Punch 2: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Potion Punch 2 is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to run a potion shop, sell potions and food to various magical folks such as wizards and Valkyries, and collect coins and gems while you do so. The gameplay is like a fast-cooking time management game, but with a different theme.

Not only can you challenge yourself to serve your customers quickly, but you can also hire workers and purchase all sorts of upgrades, fixtures, and furniture to allow you to get higher scores, earn more coins, and finish each level faster.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Potion Punch 2!

One of the quickest ways to improve your score and cut down on serving time is to pre-cook, pre-fill, and do as much pre-prep work as possible in order to quicker serve your customers. For example, in the first potions level, when it comes time to cook the fish, throw the fish on the grill before anyone requests it. Then turn off the dragon when it’s done and serve it when it’s ordered.

Do the same thing for potions and others, Also, when it comes time to refill something, don’t wait until another customer is requesting it. Refill it as soon as it goes empty. That way, you’ll be able to serve customers quicker and make more money.

When a customer is fully served, they’ll leave coins plus a tip on the table. Don’t wait to collect it, because new customers won’t sit down until they have a free space, meaning that they won’t sit wherever the coins and tip are. Collect it right away so that the customers can sit.

You get a lot of coins, especially for a three-star performance, so make sure to put them to good use and upgrade everything you can. For the appliances, following the game’s recommendations is a good way to go. Upgrade that which touches the most customers (such as the potion containers or the fish).

Beyond that, don’t forget the furniture upgrades. Furniture directly impacts how many customers you can serve and how many coins you can collect. Upgrade your furniture and you can have larger combos, more customers, and more simultaneous customers, as well as more patient customers.

Once you get further along in the game, you will be able to unlock various workers. Each worker makes the game easier in some way or another; for example, Valkyrie cuts the fish’s cooking time in half, and automatically stops the dragon from cooking the fish once the fish is done. The more workers you have, the less attention that you have to pay.

If you need more coins, more experience for yourself, or more experience for your workers, and are stuck on a tougher level, backtrack a bit and grind at some old levels for coins and experience. You can play old levels as many times as you want for both experience and coins, as long as you have the energy/lives to do so.

If you want to get some free goodies, go to Host A Party and pick one of the options. Potluck requires you to watch an ad video; in exchange you get more Patrons and tokens. Other options require you to spend 800 coins, or different numbers of gems depending on how high-tier rewards you want.

If it’s just Patrons you’re after, though, all you have to do is watch all five of the ad videos for the Potluck per day. You’ll get loads of new Patron cards, allowing you to upgrade your Patrons, which increases their patience, the coins that they give you, and their speed, among other stats.

Once you fully complete Peakwood Potions, you’ll be able to begin Eversand Enchantments, and the same is true for further restaurants after that. If you want to start Eversand Enchantments, or whatever the next shop is, you’ll have to pay a huge amount of coins, and a small amount of gems.

The gems are easy to earn, but the coins will take awhile, so be sure to collect coins and build a stash by the time you’re about halfway through the restaurant, instead of spending all of them on upgrades and furniture.

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