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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a new type of fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a hybrid of fighting games and card battling games, with you controlling your head Power Ranger’s movements, and attacking based on cards that are available to you in the rotation. You can collect power crystals and zeo shards, unlock an entire collection of Rangers throughout the years, and compete against other players to see who has the best fighting strategy. Read on for some tips and tricks for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

In battle, there are three different colors of moves that you can use. Yellow moves are standard attacks, which thwart block breakers, blue moves are blocks which thwart attacks, and red moves are block breakers, which thwart blocks. You will always see a color pop up above your opponent’s head before they make their move, so if you do, use the appropriate card color to counter them. Red beats blue, blue beats yellow, yellow beats red.

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One thing that throws a lot of players off is that they can’t instinctively simply block whenever they want to, but most of the time, you will have a block card that uses 0 energy anyways. If you don’t have one next to you, then instead move away from your opponent by swiping away from them, and use another card if you can to counter an attack. If not, then dodge their attack with away swipes, or take the hit if they use a projectile attack. Then move toward them and attack.

You can win boxes for winning battles, so open them up in different order when you play. Save the four-hour and more rare boxes for when you are asleep or otherwise going a long time without actively playing. With the shorter boxes, open them up while you are still playing. Open the Mighty Morph Boxes whenever you earn them, which is done every four hours for free. You can hold up to two at a time before the cooldown will stop moving. Open the Corruption Box when you earn enough points by winning (3,500 points required).

Your health will be based upon the combined health of your leader card and your two assist cards, so it’s extremely important to have the strongest and most highly-leveled cards that you can in all three positions. Each assist card will also loan an attack tile to your character in battle. Keep earning and opening as many boxes as you can to maximize character shards, and use the coins that you get to upgrade them to increase both the health and the power of their loan attacks.

Normally, you have to pay real-life money to earn more Power Crystals, but you can earn quite a few of them for free. Hit the star button, which is the achievements menu, and you will see what all you have completed and what else you have left to complete. Once an achievement is complete, you will be able to claim a reward of both Power Crystals and experience points. There are a ton of achievements to complete, meaning there is a large amount of Power Crystals that can be earned.