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PPKP – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

The shield might seem to level up a whole hell of a lot slower than the sword at first. The reason for this is that you can only upgrade one item at a time. Go to your house and tap the item that you want to upgrade – the sword (attack boost) will normally be the default. Once you do, go to a level for grinding and beat up a whole bunch of enemies to upgrade whatever you chose.

The restaurant is the building that you should ALWAYS level up first. Even aside from how awesome the energy drinks are, the food will be better, so you’ll level up far more quickly. Once you hit level 3, you’ll unlock sushi which costs ten gems, but it will give you 130 upgrade points each time you buy it, with 80% fullness. Once you hit level 4, you will be able to buy root beer which gives you 25% fullness, but it gives you 30 upgrade points. The more upgrades, the better the food and the more powerful it will make you.

There’s some secret agent-looking dude standing next to the jewelry store. If you tap on him, he will say absolutely nothing. He is simply there because it’s a high end jewelry store. Same with the cat. The cat is decoration. It’s there for your entertainment, but there are not any secret uses after the game is done.

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Want to play with different characters? Tap on the door on top of the white building behind your house. You’ll enter and you will be able to purchase six other characters. All of them cost gems, but all of them have a specific boost. For example, the dragon character gives you 20 percent more coins.

If you are getting tired of all of the pop up ad videos, you can set your device to turn your data off, or if you are playing on the phone, set the phone into airplane mode in order to turn the ads off. The ads don’t pop up too often, and a way to buy out of ads or to watch ad videos for gems may appear in the game at some point in the future, but for now, that’s how you get rid of the ads.

Wanna each a whole bunch of instant coins? Take the helicopter and go out to the menu of the city. Tap on one of the bulldozers and you will be able to use your building materials to rebuild a chunk of the city. After you do that, the mayor will give you a few hundred coins – the more expensive the part of the city, the more coins you get.

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