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PPKP – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

6) When you have more than one energy drink and you have bought combos from the dojo, you’ll need to use them carefully. If you finish a combo before all of your moves are done, you’ll have to time your leftover moves a bit differently because you’ll be juggling the enemy, but each juggle hit will do extra damage compared to a normal hit, and will earn you more coins. If you have 8+ moves, you’ll be able to do two combos against an enemy.

5) Blocks can be a bit hard to time. Watch the enemy’s eyes – blue flash means block with the punch button, while amber flash means use the kick button. If you time it perfectly, you’ll do a counterattack. You essentially have to do the blocking move right before the enemy is about to hit, and launch a counterattack. Too early and you’ll throw up a shield; too late and you just won’t block them at all. So be careful and make sure that you block them properly so that you don’t take much (if any) damage.

4) When you’re beating up a car in the junkyard, tap with as many fingers as you possibly can. Your tapping ability will depend on the device that you play the game on. If you play on a phone, three fingers at a time is about what you’ll be able to fit on the button. If you play on a tablet, five or six fingers should be very doable. Don’t tap at the same time; alternate taps extremely quickly.

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3) There’s a few Easter eggs hidden in the game. For example, if you go to the equipment store, you’ll be able to buy new cartoons, shows and comic strips. If you go to the new character store and tap on the TV, you will be able to turn it on.

2) Want to get your gasoline back quickly without paying any gems? To do that, go to the date and time on your phone once you run out of gasoline and set the phone ahead. Each gas takes 15 minutes to recover, so if you’re completely out of it, a full refill will be doable by setting the phone ahead 75 minutes. Once you do that, go back to the game and your gasoline will recover. Then you can go back to the date and time settings and set it back to normal time and your gasoline will still be there.

1) See that secret-agent looking dude in the corner of your town by the junkyard? He will say nothing in the beginning. However, go to him when you’re done with all of the bosses and when the whole city has been rebuilt. He could be the key to a whole lot more game after you’re done with the current phase of the game.

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