Prime World: Defenders – Game Guide: Tips, Hints, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Prime World: Defenders is a new tower defense game for iOS and the Android platform, as well as online in your browser via Kongregate. Your goal is to defend your base from the forces of evil using a massive assortment of defensive towers, in order to stop them from taking your Prime. There is a card battling element here too. Your list of cards starts off small and continues to grow larger and larger as you progress through the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Prime World: Defenders!

Because you’re going to face a large assortment of enemies, you should keep a large variety of cards within your collection. During the battle look at the icon on the top center area of the screen which should determine what kind of towers you should put down next. Each stage has different icons. For example, one large icon denotes large solo enemies, while free small icons notate a group of small weak ones.

Pay attention to your different special positions around your base. Certain squares will give boosts to your tower, such as extended range. Also, be sure to use towers that provide a slow burning damage, such as poison towers. Please these early in the stage so that they have a lot of time to take effect.

One way to improve your tower is to evolve it. In order to do this, you have to have two identical copies of the same tower. Once you evolve them together them together they will be able to level up in the middle of battle, becoming far more powerful in the process. Sometimes leveling up a tower in the middle of battle will work better than building another tower.

Be sure to speed up the game using the double-speed button. However, once the boss of the stage appears, switch to normal speed so that you can make adjustments to your towers whenever you need to without having to worry about time. Then switch back when the game gets easier again.

If you want to grind for silver and experience points, go back to the last stage that you completed and play it over and over again. Each time that you beat it you will earn about half the silver and experience that you did the first time.