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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is a new soccer game by Konami for the iOS and Android, an offshoot of the console versions of the same game. PES 2017 lets you build a team out of real-life players, play in numerous leagues, and build out your team with better and better players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017!

Building your team in this game is much different than it is in FIFA Mobile. In this game, the stats and position make the team – the country and actual team of origin don’t really matter. However, there’s still complexity to it. There are loads of ways to get new players, from auctions to signing with an agent who can get you better players. Scouts can help you get special players, as well.

Players can be improved once you have them. Take your weaker players, and convert them to trainers. Once they’re trainers, you can use them to train one of your other, better players to make them even better. After that, your trainer will leave the team. Hire a good manager too as they will give a good bonus to all of your players.

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The new controls in this game can take quite awhile to get used to, so stay out of the important matches until you get used to the controls. The virtual movement control is so sensitive that you almost only need to bend your thumb, rather than move it, in order to make a player go where you want them to go.

There are two types of currency in this game, GP and myClub points. GP are the basic currency of the game, and can be used for most things, such as auctions in this game. myClub coins are the premium currency in this game, and can be used to buy premium items like more energy and slots. These can only be had by in-app purchases.

Combine team-building with good players in order to win matches. You’re not going to win if you have no idea what you’re doing. Formulate and improve your offense and your defense, tackling and taking the ball away from opposing players. If you’re chasing after someone fruitlessly, run the other way and you will automatically switch to another player, one in front of the attacker who has a better chance of stealing the ball.